Data Privacy, Confidentiality, And Security

ZenOxy DigiHealth ensures data privacy, confidentiality and security of users both for patients and doctors. ZenOxy DigiHealth seeks permission from patients, doctors and clinics/hospitals before registering on the platform and to have full control of their profiles/accounts.

Help consumers find and connect desired services

Consumers will have the full access and choice to choose any service or any establishment on their own, Zenoxy DigiHealth does not promote any particular clinic, hospital, pharmacy, or any establishment. ZenOxy DigiHealth provides the service of putting a filter while choosing a service as in nearest clinic, accepted insurance, language is spoken etc.

DHA registered Medical Practitioners/Pharmacies/Home Healthcare Service Providers

  • Medical Practitioners: Zenoxy DigiHealth ensures that all the practitioners displayed on the platform are DHA approved and are authorized to provide the services which are displayed on their profile.

  • Pharmacies: Zenoxy DigiHealth ensures that all the pharmacies are DHA approved.

  • Home Healthcare Service Providers: Zenoxy DigiHealth ensures that all the home healthcare service providers are DHA approved and have appropriate licenses to perform the services through our platform.

Empowering Patients by giving “Power of Choice”

ZenOxy DigiHealth platform aims at providing a holistic and empowering experience for patients consisting of:

  • A consumer can choose from multiple doctors, clinics, and other products.

  • A consumer can select any provider nearest to them.

  • A consumer can use filters to choose desired services like doctor’s appointment booking and finding clinics or hospitals.

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